The Jurassic Park- Dinosaur Play Kit


What’s Inside:

3 Coloured dough (150 gm each)
10 Dinosaur themed play prompts
A rolling pin
Instructions card, paper and a
Laminated play box to play in/on.

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The Jurassic Park Play kit is for those boys (or girls) who love DINOS. This kit gives them an opportunity to have one of their own DINO WORLD. With Dinosaur, logs, rocks, tree and egg this is a perfect set of prompts required to lay down their most antique relic. Their stories and drama could get never ending. What could you teach- the names of Dinosaurs? what is a fossil? how do fossils help is our our study? This would develop their love and interest in history as well as learn how living things get extinct and how to take care. All these by playing with the dino kit and of course your help to develop that interest.


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