The Adventurous Astronaut Play Kit


What’s Inside:

Galaxy, Blue & White Dough (150 gms each)
10 Play Prompts
Rolling pin
Instructions card, Paper and a
Laminated play box to play in.

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The Little Curious Astronaut in ever child would love to create their own GALAXY with the glittery stars, space launcher, big & tiny planets a and cute little rocket. This kit has a unique Galaxy Dough which makes the ground set for their space-ship or Satellites to Land or Hover which is rolled out by the included Rolling Pin. It has BLUE & White Dough too, (450gms of play dough) to make their Earth or Globe too. The 4 Prompts will make you listen to the friendship ties and as well as the wars between astronaut and aliens to SAVE THEIR EARTH each time.


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